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A few words about All Nippon Airlines

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  • Popular as Zennikkū, All Nippon Airways is a Japanese airline. Its main office is in Minato, Tokyo. It operates from Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND). ANA offers domestic and international flights and covers more than 100 destinations, including North America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe.
  • ANA began in 1952 as Nippon Helicopter, offering helicopter rides. They got their first jet airliner in 1955, the Douglas DC-3, and renamed it as All Nippon Airlines. Over the next 30 years, they expanded their routes within Japan and began international flights in 1986. The first international flight was from Tokyo to Guam.
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  • Alliance : Star Alliance
  • Associates : Peach Aviation, Air Do, Air Japan, ANA Wings, Vanilla Air, Nakanihon Air Service, Pan Am Flight Academy
  • Established : December 27, 1952
  • Current CEO : Shinichi Inoue (Apr 1, 2022–), Yuji Hirako (Apr 1, 2017–)

Baggage Policy

  • Travelers can bring a carry-on and checked baggage when they fly with ANA. However, there are rules about the number of bags, their measurements, and weights, depending on the type of ticket you bought.

Carry-on Baggage

  • You can bring one piece of luggage with you on the plane up to 10kg (22lb). The size should not cross 115cm (45in) when you add up its length, width, and height.
  • The length of each side should not be up to 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (22 in x 16 in x 10 in), including the handle and wheels.
  • For planes with 100 seats or more, the bag should have total dimensions of 115cm (45in), and for planes with fewer than 100 seats, it should be up to 100cm (39in) in total dimensions.

Checked Baggage

  • For International Flights
  • Economy Class (including Premium Economy) : Passengers can carry up to two pieces of baggage for free. Neither bag should exceed 158cm (62in) in size, including wheels and handle, and 23kg (50lb) in weight.
  • Business Class : You are entitled to up to two pieces of checked baggage for free. The weight and size must be according to guidelines, size up to 158cm (62in) and weight up to 32kg (70 lb) per piece.
  • First Class : Passengers of First Class can carry three pieces of baggage for free. The dimensions for each bag should be up to 158cm / 62in, including wheels and the handle. The maximum weight for each checked bag is 32kg (70 lb).
  • For domestic flights within Japan
  • Economy Class : Travelers can carry as many pieces of luggage as they need, but each piece should be up to 20kg / 44lb. The total dimensions of each item, including wheels and handle, should not exceed 203cm / 80in.
  • Premium Class : Same, there are no limits on the number of bags you can bring for domestic flights in Premium Class. Each bag should weigh no more than 40kg / 88lb. The total measurements of each item, including wheels and handle, should not be over 203cm / 80in.
  • Passengers have to pay excess baggage fees if their baggage exceeds the free allowance.

Cabin Classes

  • Nippon Airways offers four cabin classes, and each has its facilities and services.

Economy Class

  • Economy Class makes your journey comfortable and provides several luxurious in-flight amenities.
  • Economy Seats
  • ANA provides spacious and comfortable seats in Economy Class.
  • The distance between seats is 86cm (34in), and the slim design of the seats creates extra legroom.
  • Also, the seats are reclaimable without inconveniencing the passenger behind you.
  • Economy Services
  • On certain flights, passengers enjoy meals or snacks depending on how long the flight is.
  • Passengers also get things like pillows, blankets, and stationery.
  • For long flights, there's a personal entertainment system that you can control using the touch screen TV on the back of the seat in front of you.
  • Additionally, there are USB and power charging ports in your seat to charge your devices.

Premium Economy

  • Premium Economy passengers get extra space, providing comfort for a more relaxed journey.
  • Premium Economy Seats
  • Premium Economy seats offer a generous 96 cm (38") of legroom, designed for more comfort.
  • They can recline and feature an adjustable headrest.
  • These seats come with a power port & USB port, a personal adjustable light, and a personal entertainment system.
  • Premium Economy Services
  • Premium Economy passengers receive top-notch amenity kits, including standard pillows, blankets, slippers, toothbrushes, eye masks, and earplugs.
  • They also enjoy delicious meals from a carefully curated menu along with beverages.

Business Class

  • In Business Class, passengers have different options. They can enjoy a comfortable flat bed for a good rest, or use their workspace to get some work done.
  • Business Class Seats
  • Business seats are different on various planes. They are convertible into a flatbed.
  • Also, all seats have direct aisle access because they are arranged in a staggered format.
  • Business Class Service
  • Passengers in Business Class enjoy a lot of perks. They can use an 18-inch personal screen with noise-cancelling headphones for entertainment.
  • They also receive amenity kits with items like a pillow, blanket, face wash, lotions, and more.
  • You can even get pajamas for free.
  • Also, enjoy a fine dining experience with Japanese or Western cuisine.

First Class

  • First Class is the most luxurious air travel experience. It offers passengers special space, privacy, and comfort. First Class is only available on the Airbus A380 and the Boeing B777-300ER planes.
  • First Class Lounge
  • Passengers find ANA lounges at Haneda, Narita International Airports, and some other airports. These lounges offer passengers a dining experience similar to a top-rated restaurant.
  • First Class Services
  • In First Class, you get a spacious 58 cm (23 inches) personal touch screen along with noise-canceling headphones.
  • There are large dining and cocktail tables for a wonderful dining experience and storage spaces for your belongings.
  • First Class cabins have private enclosures with doors, offering passengers privacy and personal space.
  • Seats also come with power charging points and USB slots.
  • You can also enjoy a smooth check-in process, skipping the usual airport queues.

In-Flight Entertainment

  • You can enjoy free in-flight entertainment on international flights, which includes popular movies, TV shows, music, and Japanese content.
  • The entertainment system is the same for all classes, but higher-tier classes have larger screens and better headphones.
  • You can also download the ANA app to your mobile device.
  • In the MY SKY CHANNEL section, you can see the entertainment options and mark your favorites.
  • During your journey, connect your device to easily access your favorites. You can use your mobile as a remote control to pause, stop, and play videos.

In-Flight Wi-Fi

  • Passengers can use ANA's onboard Wi-Fi to access the internet, check emails, and use social media while flying at 30,000 feet.
  • First Class passengers get free Wi-Fi, but for other cabin classes, there are fees:
  • 30-minute plan with 15 MB costs USD 4.95.
  • 1-hour plan with 30 MB costs USD 8.95.
  • A full Flight Plan with 100 MB costs USD 19.95.
  • Keep in mind that ANA Wi-Fi might not be available on some aircraft.

Food & Drink

  • All passengers get free meals on long international flights. The higher your class, the better your meal.
  • You can purchase snacks and drinks on domestic or short flights in Economy. Other classes get free snacks and drinks.
  • Ask at least 24 hours before your flight if you need a special meal.


  • Online and airport check-in is available for All Nippon Airlines flights. The opening and closing times for check-in depend on the selected destination.

Online Check-in

  • Travelers can check in online from 24 hours to 75 minutes before their flight. This helps them reserve seats and get flight updates. Go to ANA's online check-in page for more details.

Airport Check-in

  • You can also check in at the airport. Just go to an ANA check-in counter there. Different airports may have different check-in times, so check ANA's website for details on when you should arrive.

Frequent Flyer Program

  • All Nippon Airways runs a frequent flyer program called 'ANA Mileage Club'.

ANA Mileage Club

  • ANA has a frequent flyer program called ANA Mileage Club. Regular travelers can earn miles by flying or shopping with ANA partners.
  • Families can combine their miles to get rewards with Family Account Service.

Airline Alliance 

  • Currently, ANA is part of the Star Alliance, a group of top global airlines.

Star Alliance

  • All Nippon Airlines joined Star Alliance in October 1999.
  • This partnership allows ANA to cooperate with 25 other airlines to offer more routes and services to passengers.

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