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A few words about West Texas Hotels

Experience the Best Staying at West Texas Hotels 

  • One of the most beautiful destinations to spend vacations, and take a break from  busy or work life. Yes, West Texas is rich in tourist attractions and fun activities such as colorful culture, timeworn towns, and stunning natural vistas. A spring and fall trip to West Texas will help you to get cheap West Texas hotels and to know the actual city. 
  • Visitors can also explore electric former ghost towns, two beautiful national parks, art museums, natural hot springs, and much more waiting for you to explore them.
  • Let Travelouts search for cozy accommodations at West Texas hotels. You just take off from the office, pack your baggage, and say bye to your home for some days to explore the wonderful city.

Eye-Opening West Texas Facts

  • Restaurateur Mariano Martinez invented a soft-serve, ice cream machine to make frozen margaritas and is considered the "World's First Frozen Margaritas Machine".
  • You will find six flags of different countries over Texas theme park. The six countries Spain, France, Mexico, the United States, the Republic of Texas, and the Confederate States of America show their control over West Texas city.
  • Flags of West Texas and the United States share the same colors. Do not forget to carry a notebook from West Texas hotels to note down such facts. 
  • West Texas is home to the largest bat colony in entire North America. This colony holds more than 20 million bats, even though the number is more than the human population of Mexico.
  • The building of the Texas State Capitol is the biggest state capitol in the nation. West Texas is also home to the fastest road in the United States.

The Best Time to Book West Texas Hotels

  • Months lies in spring, summer, and fall are considered the best time to explore West Texas City. These months offer mild temperatures and pleasant weather to its visitors to make their site visits and participating activities comfortable and full of fun. You are requested to secure West Texas hotels in advance to avoid last minutes expensive bookings.

Must-Exploring Attractions in the City

  • Space Center Houston
  • It is one of the most entertaining and learning places. Here you will find things elements related to space, flights, and astronauts. This center offers a collection of moon rocks and other artifacts related to space programs such as Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo to its visitors. Apart from these, you can also explore rocket displays, short film shows, space simulators, and other space-related exhibitions. As this center has a lot to explore you might get a little late to West Texas hotels, not necessary, but it will be better to inform the hotel staff in advance.
  • Joyland Park, Lubbock
  • If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy some fun activities with your kids, Joyland Park can be the right choice for you. It is a theme park that offers roller coaster rides to go Karting, not only for kids but also for adults. The park is kids friendly place and has a variety of adventurous activities such as a Grizzly swinging gondola, the Galaxy roller costar, and the Daredevil Drop freefall tower. If you haven't taken breakfast in West Texas hotels, you can enjoy a delicious meal at a local food stall available in the park only.
  • National Butterfly Center
  • It is the most visited place for kids because the center has a butterfly sanctuary, where thousands of butterflies are protected. Visiting this park in summer will surround you with several butterflies in the center as the temperature goes high; butterflies come out in the open area. Apart from admiring and chasing butterflies, you can go picnic with your loved ones to spend some quality time together. Try to secure West Texas hotels near National Butterfly Center, so you can save time from traveling far to reach your destination.

Try Some Colorful Activities

  • Let your children learn about some physics and the culture of the Gullah people at the Children's Museum of Houston. Also, try some water activities in a Pirate Ship area on a sunny day. 
  • Know about the history of six flags in Texas City at Six Flags Fiesta, San Antonio. Ask the staff of West Texas hotels about the Six Flags story and compare it with the real one.
  • Explore the caverns, mine for fossils and gems, discover passages, and spelunk at Natural Bridge Caverns.
  • Experience horseback riding, splashing, and hiking at Silver Spur Guest Ranch. Get your stomach filled before leaving West Texas hotels, so hunger will not disturb your adventurous experience.

Grab Exclusive West Texas Hotels at Travelouts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some popular things to do near West Texas hotels?

A: Popular activities near West Texas hotels include visiting Big Bend National Park, exploring Marfa's art scene, and stargazing in the Davis Mountains.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit West Texas?

A: The best time to visit West Texas is during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) when the temperatures are mild.

Q: What are some luxury West Texas hotels?

A: Some luxury West Texas hotels include the Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa, the Gage Hotel in Marathon, and the Hotel Saint George in Marfa.

Q: Are there any pet-friendly West Texas hotels?

A: Yes, there are several pet-friendly West Texas hotels, such as the Hotel Paisano in Marfa and the Gage Hotel in Marathon.

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