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The Vero Beach Hotel _ Spa

The Vero Beach Hotel _ Spa


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Costa d'Este Beach Resort & Spa


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Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa

Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa


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The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel

The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel


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A few words about Vero Beach Hotels

Get the Best Comfort Zone at Vero Beach Hotels

  • One of the most popular family-friendly cities, and also famous as the "Hamptons of Florida", Vero Beach City is visited by thousands of travelers each year. Its pristine and white sand beaches are landmarks of the city where you will find visitors enjoying a peaceful walk, soaking up in the sun, and beautiful seafront views. Besides its wide and beautiful beaches, tourists can explore many other attractions such as McKee Botanical Garden, McLarty Treasure Museum, Environmental Learning Center, and Riverside Theater.
  • So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Travelouts to book budget-friendly Vero Beach hotels to hit the coastline of the beaches in the city and experience why this small city of Florida is famous among tourists.

Hit Vero Beach at the Most Relaxing Weather

  • Spring from March to May is the best time to hit the beaches in Vero Beach City. These spring months are visited by thousands of travelers, throughout the year to see the actual colors of the city. During this period, you will find a balanced temperature to take sunbathe on various beaches, and pleasant weather to explore the city without getting tired. The most tourists welcoming spring increase the rates of flights and Vero Beach hotels therefore you are advised to reserve your accommodations in advance to avoid expensive Vero Beach hotels.

Recommended Tourist Sites to Visit in the City

  • McKee Botanical Garden
  • This is not only a garden to get connected with nature but also a historical site to know some ancient facts about Vera Beach. It is continuously providing its services to locals and internationals since 1948 by displaying more than 10,000 plants such as Natal lily, Florida Fiddlewood, and many more. It will be better to take a taxi from Vero Beach hotels to get to the Botanical Garden which will shorten your journey and save you precious time. It is an ideal place for nature lovers to visit as they will get a chance to explore a wide range of different plants and different flowers. Aside from plants and nature, you can also enjoy light food such as salad, sandwiches, burgers, and coffee at the Garden Cafe.
  • McLarty Treasure Museum
  • It opened in 1997, and offers several events, exhibitions, and several artifacts about the back-story of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet. Here you can discover stories about shipwrecks and hidden treasures, watch movies related to the Spanish treasure fleet, and also explore the displays to know the history deeply. If you are with your kids, they are going to be busy with various activities like seeing the pirate ship flag and wheel at the boardwalk of the museum, taking several pictures, and catching memories in the camera to make them endless. Have a heavy breakfast before leaving Vero Beach hotels so, butterflies will not disturb your stomach while exploring the museum.
  • Round Island Beach Park
  • Leave Vero Beach hotels a little early as there is so much to enjoy and do at Round Island Beach Park like a fishing pier, different hiking trails, long coastlines to walk, and stunning seafront scenery to admire. The day will turn into night, but you will not run out of things to do at this beach park. Choose a weekend to spend your full day breathing fresh air, getting chilled in the ocean breeze, laying down on a beach to unwind, and taking some vitamin D in the warm sun. Also, you can try some water activities including swimming, kayaking, hiking, and catching sight of manatees.

Try Some Fun Activities to Have Fun

  • Explore all kinds of art pieces such as photography, sculptures, and paintings at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Aside from exploring the artwork, you can take your inner Picasso out by creating your masterpieces at the museum.
  • Encounter the different species of animals and birds like wood storks, brown pelicans, and also tricolored herons.
  • Carry your swimming essentials and packed lunch from Vero Beach hotels as you will so many water activities to do at South Beach Park including swimming, playing volleyball games with your loved ones, and many more.
  • Watch live theater drama performances, shows, events, and music concerts at Vero Beach Theater Guild. The theater offers shows and performances for both kids and adults.

Secure Budget-Friendly Accommodations at Travelouts

  • Let's check a list of cost-friendly Vero Beach hotels available at Travelouts Red Roof Inn Vero Beach, Vero Inn, Vero Motel, and The Historic Reno Motel.
  • You will get some standard services in every package of Vero Beach hotels such as free Wi-Fi, taxi with a driver, parking, and many more. 
  • So let Travelouts get you the best and budget-friendly Vero Beach hotels so you can be free from accommodation responsibilities to explore the beautiful city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some popular things to do near Vero Beach hotels?

A: Popular activities near Vero Beach hotels include visiting the Vero Beach Museum of Art, exploring the McKee Botanical Garden, and relaxing on the beach.

Q: Are there any all-inclusive Vero Beach hotels?

A: No, there are no all-inclusive Vero Beach hotels, but some hotels offer package deals that include meals and activities.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Vero Beach?

A: The best time to visit Vero Beach is from December to April when the weather is mild and dry.

Q: Are there any Vero Beach hotels with oceanfront views?

A: Yes, there are several Vero Beach hotels with oceanfront views, such as the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, the Costa d'Este Beach Resort & Spa, and the Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa.

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