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Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland

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A few words about St. John's Hotels

Secure World-Famous St. John's Hotels at Low Prices

  • Want to make your summer vacations worth visiting? Secure accommodations at St. John's hotels and get ready to make summer vacations unforgettable. Although the city is a year-round destination, you will find some extra fun and things to explore in St. John's. It features many attractions, like Signal Hill, The Rooms, East Coast Trails, George Stree, and Cabot Tower. 
  • Aside from these sites, you can enjoy walking tours, bike riding, hiking, swimming, shopping, various cuisines, and many other outdoor activities.
  • So, why wait for more? Before summer vacations start, be ready with your offs, luggage, and early bookings of St. John's hotels at Travelouts.

History Revealing Facts about St. John's

  • St. John's is known as the oldest city, and Water Street is the oldest street in North America. You can find it on the northeastern arm of the Avalon Peninsula.
  • The city got its first permanent residence in 1528. It may surprise you that the accents used in Ireland, St. John’s, and Waterford is nearly similar.
  • Approx 98% population speaks English language as their mother tongue, and only 0.42% population accepts French as their mother tongue in St. John's.
  • Memorial University in St. John's is the largest university in the Atlantic province.

Explore St. John's City in the Most Suitable Weather

  • You can plan a trip to St. John's from January to April. You will get pleasant weather, mild temperature, and less rainfall making your trip comfortable and effortless. You will also get some seasonal events and festivals to enjoy with the locals of St. John's and explore its culture and traditions.
  • As the city welcomes maximum tourists during this period, you are requested to secure St. John's Hotels in advance to avoid the huge crowd and expensive bookings.

Must Visit Tourist Sites in the City of Canada

  • Cruz Bay
  • Leave St. John's hotels to explore Cruz Bay. It is known as the Love City among locals and locates in ST. John's Island. It offers several bars to enjoy the nightlife, the finest restaurants to dine in with loved ones, and various shops to buy the most suitable souvenirs to take home. You can admire the beauty of the Bay by taking a simple walk around it. You can also enjoy sunbath on beaches to unwind and go on a picnic too.
  • Virgin Islands (National Park)
  • Get ready from Sceneries to explore the area of 12,625 offerings long & pristine beaches, hiking pathways, beautiful greenery, and coral reefs to visitors. The park always protects and takes care of the old plantations from various species. Adding to this, you can also enjoy over 22 thrilling hiking activities and carry packed lunch from St. John's hotels to enjoy a picnic with loved ones at the Virgin Islands (National Park).
  • Trunk Bay
  • Trunk Bay is one of the most entertaining destinations in St. John's and offers a Stunning white sand beach, seafront panoramas, and some water activities. It is also a good place for budget travelers as many activities are free of cost and to relax in a quiet and pacifist atmosphere. Apart from this, Trunk Bay also shelters snorkeling, crystal-clear waters, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Carrying a taxi from St. John's hotels makes traveling easy and allows you to appreciate the scenery during traveling.

Try Some of the Best Fun Activities

  • Explore creative artwork presented by the world-famous artist at the Provincial Art Gallery. You can learn about the culture and natural history of the city with the help of artifacts, photographs, books, and records. 
  • Get ready to admire numerous restaurants, office buildings, and St. John's Hotels in Downtown St. John's. It is also the best place to enjoy the nightlife of the city.
  • Go hiking, enjoy a picnic, and admire natural sceneries on the East Coast Trail. It is also a historical site to explore some historical events.
  • Let your kids play in the big playground, swim, play a tennis game, and admire nature at Bowring Park.

Get the Most Affordable St. John's Hotels at Travelouts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any historical landmarks near St. John's hotels?

A: Yes, the Nelson's Dockyard National Park and the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda are popular historical landmarks near St. John's hotels.

Q: Do St. John's hotels have airport shuttle service?

A: Yes, many hotels in St. John's provide airport shuttle services for guests.

Q: What is the average price of St. John's hotels?

A: The average price for St. John's hotels ranges from $80 to $400 per night, depending on the hotel's location and amenities.

Q: Are there any all-inclusive resorts in St. John's?

A: Yes, there are many all-inclusive resorts in St. John's, offering a range of amenities and activities.

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