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Hotel Providence

Hotel Providence


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Graduate Providence

Graduate Providence


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Omni Providence Hotel


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Wearing the crown of the capital city of Rhode Island, Providence is also famous as "The Creative Capital." It is one of the oldest cities in the United State, found in 1636 by Roger Williams, a Puritan. The city, rich in history and culture has a lot to give to its visitors such as Brown University, Roger William Park 2, and Benefit Street.

Apart from such wonderful attractions, you can also enjoy some fun activities including shopping, having a family dinner or lunch at restaurants, hiking, swimming, and many others.

You can make your Providence trip comfortable by securing some luxurious and relaxing accommodations at Providence hotels. You are advised to contact Travelouts to get budget-friendly Providence hotels that are surrounded by several attractions to explore within a very less time.

Best Time to Secure Affordable Providence Hotels in the City

June to August and September to November is the most suitable time to visit the city when you will find relaxing weather and moderate temperatures and also you will find bookings of Providence hotels budget-friendly and affordable. Try to avoid summer while planning a trip to Providence because summer is the peak tourist season that increases the Prices of Providence hotels, also you will face lots of crowds.

The Most Popular Providence Attractions among Travelers

Roger Williams Park Zoo- This 40-acre area is rated as the 3rd oldest zoo in the United States, and was opened in 1872. The zoo offers a wide variety of wildlife including red pandas, giraffes, and many more. It is one of the favorite places for kids because kids get a chance to encounter more than 160 animals of various species. If you are visited the zoo with a small baby, you can ask for a stroller rental from the managing team of the zoo that will help you to walk around the zoo and enjoy the whole area. While interacting with different animals, kids can feed them also. Pack a lunch from Providence hotels to also enjoy a picnic here.

Waterfire- As its name is unique, its attractions and activities are too. Waterfire is a wonderful sculpture created by Barnaby Evans. It is a summer event, you will find a huge number of visitors during summer months enjoying events, attending exhibitions, and trying some water activities. Visiting this tourist site will give you a unique experience. Before leaving Providence hotels, take some guidance about WaterFire from the staff, it will help you to explore the place properly and not let you miss anything important.

Providence children's Museum- Since 1977, the museum is working on making learning fun for kids and also for adults. It is one of the most family-friendly destinations that are popular among traveling families. Providence Children's Museum helps little stars to think critically and appreciate learning something new through activities and practices. Aside from such activities kids can also explore some interactive exhibits, and try some practices in the lab by using different tools and materials. Well! Leave Providence hotels a little early so you and your kids get maximum time to get busy with fun activities.

Fun Activities will Make You a Little Child Again

  • Plan a picnic lunch also unwind yourself at India Point Park. You do not need to bring packed lunch from Providence hotels as you will get many small restaurants and food stalls inside and near the park.
  • Enjoy the waterfront stunning scenery while riding a bike at the East Bay Bike Path. Bike riding is not only just for fun but also a great exercise to keep the body moving and active.
  • Get friendly with Italian-American culture and the root history of Providence at Historic Federal Hill. Apart from rich history, you can go shopping, and dine in various cuisines.
  • Spend some quality time with loved ones and also go skating at the Providence Rink at the Alex and Any City Center.
  • Attend a painting workshop, also you can show your creativity by painting your masterpiece at the venue.
  • Go downtown market to buy some amazing gifts, dresses, jewelry, shoes, and many more. Also, visit some local and top restaurants to dine in with family.

Secure the Most Comfortable and Cheap Providence Hotels at Travelouts

Visiting Travelouts will always offer you an easy, fast, and secure booking process. Also get a long list of budget-friendly Providence hotels including Michie Hotel, Attleboro Motor Inn, Shangri-La Motel, and Christopher Dodge Hous.

Why wait for more? Get Providence City fixed for the next vacation and start your journey from check-in at the lovely Providence hotel with such wonderful services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are some popular attractions near Providence hotels?

A- Popular attractions near Providence hotels include the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, WaterFire Providence, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Q- What is the average cost of a hotel room in Providence?

A- The average cost of a hotel room in Providence is around $150 per night.

Q- What are some highly rated Providence hotels?

A- Some highly rated Providence hotels include the Hotel Providence, the Providence Marriott Downtown, and the Graduate Providence.

Q- What is the best time of year to visit Providence?

A- The best time to visit Providence is during the summer (June to August) when the weather is mild and the city is bustling with tourists.

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