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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Eureka, an IHG Hotel

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Eureka, an IHG Hotel


Very Good 33 Reviews
8X!RF-Best Western Plus Humboldt Bay Inn.jpg

Best Western Plus Humboldt Bay Inn


Very Good 33 Reviews
Eureka Inn Trademark By Wyndham

Eureka Inn Trademark By Wyndham


Very Good 33 Reviews
Super 8 by Wyndham Eureka

Super 8 by Wyndham Eureka


Very Good 33 Reviews

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A few words about Eureka Hotels

Choose Ideal Eureka Hotels to Get A Memorable Stay

  • If you haven't visited Eureka yet then you have missed a splendid destination that will give you a wonderful trip experience. But you still have time to explore this city. So, get ready with your backpack to make a tour of Eureka and collect the best memories of your life. 

What Can Be Explored in Eureka?

  • It is California's small city but has a great bundle of surprises for all the tourists who make their vacation on this land. It is located on the edge of a stunning surrounding bay where you get a chance to get indulged in a magnetic cluster of cultural charms and a variety of outdoor activities. 
  • Here, travelers can explore a number of stores, fascinating art galleries, exquisite Eureka hotels, and history-revealing museums along with many famous attractions like Fort Humboldt State Historical Park, Blue Ox Millworks Historic Park, and the Sequoia Park Zoo. 

Where Book Eureka Hotels at Unbeatable Price? 

  • While intending to make a trip to Eureka, you also need to reserve the best Eureka hotels in advance to enjoy a comfortable stay in the city during your tour. Therefore, Travelouts provides an online booking process so that you can reserve your staying facility from the comfort of your home at the most reasonable prices. 
  • We are highly recognized for delivering delightful lodging under budget that wouldn't break the bank. On our website, you get to browse several accommodation facilities available to book including Eureka hotels, resorts, inns, suites, and many more in which you can pick one as per your choice. Let's talk about everything about the city that must know before making a trip to this place such as the top places to visit, the best time to visit, and so on.

Bucket List Top Places to Visit in Eureka

  • Old Town Eureka
  • Explore around 100 Victorian structures in this town, which is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. It is the most well-preserved commercial district in the West which can be found along the historic waterfront industrial area on California’s far northwest coast. The town offers amazing and famous art galleries and antique stores, museums, restaurants, Eureka hotels, coffee shops, and cafés, along with exceptional boutiques, bookstores, and one-of-a-kind shops to explore. 
  • Fort Humboldt State Historic Park
  • Found on a high cliff dominating Humboldt Bay, the park has the outlying military post of Fort Humboldt and a historic logging Museum containing many outdoor exhibitions. Its historical museum showcases the story of the Fort and the native American people, including the Hoopa, Wiyot, and Yurok of this region. Here, tourists can enjoy various outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, wildlife watching, exploring interactive exhibits, and attending several educational programs at the Visitor’s Center. Book Eureka hotels nearby this park.
  • Humboldt Bay Tourism Center
  • This modern center has an abundance of information on Eureka. It also features advanced technology that enables you to explore the area on iPads, full of apps and links to accommodation, dining, and things to see and do. Its all-local tasting room allows you to taste local beers, wines, ciders, and kombucha. You can pick from a curated selection of tours and adventures including river rafting, sunset kayaking trips, horse-drawn carriage rides, and oyster farm tours. Many Eureka hotels are available to book nearby this center.
  • Sequoia Park Zoo
  • It is California's oldest zoo which is established in 1907 where you can have an inspiring experience and concern for the natural world. The zoo is enlightening the community about the significance of wildlife conservation by having around 200 vertebrates and 1,700 invertebrates. Explore its major collections like a ‘Barnyard’ exhibit which showcases an array of farm animals, such as donkeys, and llamas. Also, see a walk-in free-flight aviary that harbors a wealth of bird species, like ibis, parrots, and European rollers. You can find several Eureka hotels nearby this zoo to stay.

What Is the Suitable Time to Visit Eureka?

  • June to September is the best month to visit the city as you can relish the pleasant weather conditions of the place that allow you to explore its attractions with comfort. As you may have to front heavy rates on Eureka hotels due to a huge crowd during these months, you need to reserve your accommodation in advance at moderate rates on Travelouts. Try to book your Eureka hotels one or two days before your likely and exact date of visiting the city to acquire a great discount of around 30 to 50% on your lodging services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Eureka city known for?

A: Eureka is a beautiful tourist destination known for its outstanding Victorian architecture, diverse artistic culture, vibrant shops, and top restaurants.

Q: How much does a hotel cost in Eureka?

A: Latest price for cheap hotels in Eureka is $89 and for an average Eureka hotel, the charges are $175.

Q: How do I spend a day in Eureka Springs?

A: You can make even your single day worth visiting by participating in several outdoor activities, like hiking, mountain biking, fishing, spelunking, horseback riding, paddle boarding, rock climbing, zip lining, motorcycle touring, water sports.

Q: What day do hotel prices go down?

A: Generally, hotels in Eureka prices go down on Tuesdays and weekends. You will find expensive bookings on Fridays, so try to avoid it. During off-season, you will find last-minute bookings cheap and affordable.

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