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Hampton Inn Grand Junction

Hampton Inn Grand Junction


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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Grand Junction Downtown


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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Grand Junction

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Grand Junction


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Residence Inn by Marriott Grand Junction

Residence Inn by Marriott Grand Junction


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Plan a trip to Grand Junction to explore its world-famous beauty and attractions. The beautiful city has many things to do, like visiting top tourist sites, participating in fun activities, learning about its culture and traditions, and encountering numerous recreational possibilities. Grand Junction is a perfect place to add fun and adventure to your everyday life.

This spectacular metropolis shelters many tourist attractions, including enchanting theaters, scenic vineyards, exciting amusement centers, creative art galleries, and many more.

Well! Get ready to execute your vacation plan in reality with a high level of comfort at Grand Junction hotels.

Some Grand Junction Facts You Didn't Know Earlier

  • George Addison Crawford founded three cities, Grand Junction, Colorado, and Delta. He also won the election in Kansas and became the Governor.
  • The original name of Grand Junction was West Denver. The city was also called Fremont in starting. It got named after its position on the Junction of two rivers later, the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers. 
  • It is Sad that while leaving the area; Utes cursed Grand Junction that visitors have to collect sand to get free from the attraction of soil.
  • Known as River City, Grand Junction is a home rule municipality that performs as the county seat of Mesa County. It is also Mesa County's most populous metropolis.

Want to share these facts with your known ones? Carrying a small diary from Grand Junction hotels can help you to record these facts.

The Best Time to Explore the Beauty of Grand Junction

Grand Junction's climate is not stable. It keeps changing throughout the year. So, the city is a year-round destination that offers various attractions during different seasons or weathers. You will get pleasant weather, warmer days, and mild temperature during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Apart from tourist sites and activities, visitors can enjoy events and festivals that vary from season to season.

During summer, July welcomes the maximum number of travelers, which makes not only Grand Junction hotels and restaurants pricey but also entry tickets for several attractions get costly.

You can either avoid the July trip to Grand Junction or visit Travelouts to book Grand Junction hotels in advance to maintain your trip budget.

Explore some Top Suggested Tourist Sites 

Grand Mesa : Step out from, Grand Junction hotels  to visit one of the top attractions in Grand Junction. The Grand Mesa is the world's largest mountain having a flat top on the earth and offers numerous activities to enjoy with nature. This magnificent mountain has breathtaking vistas, multiple outdoor activities, and natural beauty with your travel buddies for tourists. Apart from this, you can also try fishing, cross-country skiing, camping, hiking, and several paths full of wild & colorful flowers.

Downtown Grand Junction : Downtown Grand Junction is a must-visit tourist place crowded with visitors throughout the year. It offers an endless collection of up-scale Grand Junction hotels, attractive shopping centers, diverse restaurants, and other tourist attractions. Downtown is a perfect place to spend time with loved ones by tasting local and international cuisine at the finest restaurants and buying souvenirs to take home from various stores & shops. You can also explore creative art galleries, enjoy live music concerts at music venues, and the list goes on.

Two Rivers Winery : The Two Rivers Winery is a sensational winery-producing destination that outputs over 14,000 cases of wine each year. It is also a perfect place to spend time with your love partner on a romantic date. So, get well-dressed and leave Grand Junction hotels with your partner to taste a few world-popular wines, enjoy an intimate setting, go on a distance tour, and spend time together by walking through the vineyards hand-in-hand. You can also enjoy local food at small food stalls and buy some delicious wines to take home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is Grand Junction Colorado known for?

A- Grand Junction is known as Colorado’s Wine Country because it is home to over 20 wineries. All the wineries produce a great variety of delicious wines.

Q- Is Grand Junction Worth visiting?

A- There is no doubt, Grand Junction is worth visiting for all age tourists. The city shelters several orchards & wineries, Red Rocks, the Grand Mesa with stunning mountain views and beautiful lakes, and many more.

Q- When is the best time to plan a Grand Junction trip?

A- Since the climate of Grand Junction keeps on changing within very short intervals, it is a year round tourist destination. You can plan your vacation in any season and month according to your favorite weather and things to do.

Q- What to do in Grand Junction to have fun?

A- You will find numerous tourist sites, including Canyon View Park, the Avalon Theatre, and Bananas Fun Park and fun activities, like whitewater rafting, kayaking, and hiking, to explore and enjoy.

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