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The Tremont House, A Wyndham Grand Hotel

The Tremont House, A Wyndham Grand Hotel


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The San Luis Resort, Spa & Conference Center


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Moody Gardens Hotel Spa & Convention Center

Moody Gardens Hotel Spa & Convention Center


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The Galvestonian

The Galvestonian


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A few words about Galveston Hotels

Reserve Your Comfort and Relax at Galveston Hotels

  • Known for Moody Gardens displaying sharks, monkeys, bears, and other animals, Galveston is a world-famous island city on the Texas Gulf Coast. Its adventurous rides, the finest restaurants, beautiful trails, kayak launches, and fishing spots attract thousands of visitors throughout the year from all over the world.
  • You can explore many tempting tourist places, including the Strand, the Seawall, Moody Mansion, the Bryan Museum, Tree Sculptures, and many more.
  • Several eye-catching sites and thrilling activities are waiting for your arrival. So, fix a date and luxurious Galveston hotels at Travelouts to explore this wonderful island city.

Learning about Galveston Facts Reveals the Secrets

  • Before the natural disaster, the Great Storm hit Galveston in 1900; Galveston was the second-richest city in the United States. The Great Storm destroyed it and never got this title again.
  • Galveston is home to the first cotton press in Texas. Until 1899, the city was the largest cotton port in Texas and was the fifth most important port in the United States.
  • Galveston has ranked first in many things, including being the first city to have gas lights, the first to have electric lights, and the first to have a telephone in Texas.
  • An Irish immigrant Christopher first opened the first bakery in 1838 in Galveston, Texas.
  • Galveston is also home to the first opera house, Market Streets, the Oldest Medical College, and the first school for nurses in Texas.
  • Carrying a small notebook from Galveston hotels can ease recording such facts.

Avoid the Peak Tourism Time to Get the Peak Comfort

  • Visitors do not need to choose the right time to plan a Galveston trip but only avoid the summer months to visit the city as it is the only season for peak tourism. So, winter, spring, and autumn offer the most suitable temperature, warm weather, fewer crowds, and cheap accommodations at Galveston hotels.
  • If you have only summer days to visit Galveston and are worried about your budget, contact Travelouts to reserve Galveston hotels in advance to avoid last-minute, expensive bookings.

The World-Famous Tourist Sites are Waiting for You

  • Galveston Island Railroad Museum
  • The Railroad Museum is one of the most-visited historical museums in Galveston. It is located near the Strand offering historical elements and history revealing annual events. Have a delicious breakfast at Galveston hotels and get ready to explore a vast collection of rail artifacts, memorabilia, exhibitions, locomotives, and railroad rolling stock.
  • Galveston Island State Park
  • The State park is a superb place to explore the beach, the bay, and the Gulf. Take a taxi from Galveston hotels to reach this 2,000 acres area comfortably to enjoy several things. Galveston Island offers a wide range of bird species, a picnic with loved ones, and a beautiful sunset. Visitors can go fishing, swimming, and do other water activities.
  • Moody Gardens Golf Course
  • The Galveston trip is incomplete without visiting this Golf Course, especially for sports lovers. Moody Gardens Golf Course shelters a world-class public golf course, 18 holes in tropical wetlands, and more than 500 palm trees for townies and sightseers to the island. Carrying essentials with you from Galveston hotels helps you to maintain your budget.

Create Eternal Memories by Trying Fun Activities

  • Enjoy walking along the sunny beach coastlines, sunbathe, splashing in the water, and watching people participating in various fun activities at Seawall Urban Park.
  • Buy lovely souvenirs from different shops & local stalls, try delicious cuisines at the finest restaurants, explore Ocean Star Offshore Energy Center & Museum, and watch entertaining shows at Pier 21 Theater.
  • Step out from Galveston hotels to let your kids enjoy thrilling water rides, roller coasters, and other family-friendly activities at the Galveston Island Pleasure Pier.
  • Galveston Island’s premier beachfront is a paradise for gastronomes because you can have a mouth-watering variety of food, such as fresh seafood, burgers, and desserts.

Travelouts is Must to Get Budget-Friendly Galveston Hotels

  • Travelouts is compulsory to visit while planning a trip as it is the best agency to get the most affordable Galveston hotels, like Galveston Beach Hotel, Motel 6 Galveston TX, Beachcomber Inn, and Galveston Inn & Suites Hotel.
  • All the above, Galveston hotels provide tons of standard amenities, such as high-speed internet, nearby parking, playrooms for kids, gyms, a home garden, pristine pools, delicious meals, and small events & shows within the boundaries.
  • Use the Travelouts app to grab attractive offers and special discounts on the packages of Galveston hotels during the off-season and the festive season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where to stay in Galveston?

A: There are many budget-friendly hotels, including Wingate by Wyndham, Galveston Inn & Suites Hotel, Motel 6 Galveston TX, and more to stay in Galveston.

Q: What are some outdoor activities to do here?

A: You can go for Dolphin Sightseeing Tour with a guide, Galveston Suntime Jet Boat Thrill Ride, Groovy Galveston Scavenger Hunt, E-bike Island Adventure Tour, and other outdoor activities in Galveston.

Q: When is the best time to visit Galveston?

A: The best time to plan a Galveston trip is during October, November, March, and April when the weather is warm and Galveston hotels prices are reasonable.

Q: What special events are available during the holiday season?

A: You can enjoy several events & festivals in different seasons in Galveston, like Artober Fest & Galveston Island Shrimp Festival in fall season, Holiday in the Gardens & Dickens on The Strand in winter season, and Mardi Gras Galveston & Galveston FeatherFest in Spring Season.

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