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A few words about Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines Makes Your Journey Extra Comfy

  • Ethiopian Airlines is the national airline of Ethiopia, owned by the government. It operates mainly from Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, operating flights to many African destinations. Declared the Best Airline in Africa by Skytrax for three consecutive years since 2017 has a history dating back to 1946, serving passengers for over 70 years.
  • Ethiopian Airlines is working hard on a 15-year plan called Vision 2025. The purpose of the plan is to become the top aviation group in Africa.
  • They have seven business units, including Ethiopian Express & Ancillary Services, Ethiopian International Services, Ethiopian Cargo Services, Ethiopian MRO Services, Ethiopian Aviation Academy, ET In-flight Catering, and Ethiopian Ground Services. Apart from this, they have a significant ownership stake in Tchadia Airlines. Passengers are allowed to pay for Ethiopian Airlines tickets either in Ethiopian Birr or in the local currency.
  • Alliance : Star Alliance
  • Current CEO : Mesfin Tasew Bekele (Mar 23, 2022–)
  • Hubs : Bole Addis Ababa International Airport
  • Established : December 21, 1945, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Head Office : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Covered Destinations : 127 passengers, 58 cargo

Baggage Policy

  • Ethiopian Airlines has different rules for both carry-on and checked baggage.
  • These rules can change depending on your destination.

Carry-on Baggage

  • Business Class passengers can carry 2 pieces of baggage, and each must be up to 7kg/15lbs, without any extra cost.
  • Passengers in Economy Class are allowed to bring one carry-on bag weighing a maximum of 7kg/15lbs without additional charges.
  • They can also carry some extra items, like a small handbag, laptop, overcoat or blanket, small camera, reading material, and an infant's basket. These items should not exceed a total weight of 5kg/11lbs.

Checked Baggage

  • The Ethiopian Airlines checked baggage allowance depends on the booking class and the destination.
  • All checked bags must not be over a total of 158 cm (62 inches) when you add up the three dimensions.

Cabin Classes

  • Ethiopian Airlines has multiple classes:

Economy Class

  • Ethiopian Airlines' Economy Class is known to provide comfort, friendly service, and a warm welcome.
  • Economy Class Services
  • Passengers get light snacks or hot meals on all flights, along with a variety of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and wine.
  • Get special meals for children and Ethiopian cuisine on all routes.
  • Enjoy in-flight entertainment with music, documentaries, and movies.
  • Economy Class Seats
  • The seats in Economy Class are designed for convenience and offer numerous entertainment options.
  • The seats are approximately 33 inches (83 cm) by 17 inches (43 cm) in size on most Boeing aircraft. 

Business Class

  • Ethiopian Airlines gave a name to its Business Class service- "Cloud Nine."
  • Business Studios, available on 787 Dreamliners, Boeing 777, and B767, offer a luxurious experience.
  • Business Class Services
  • Passengers can relax with personal mood lighting and a massage function, all at the touch of a button in flight.
  • You can enjoy Wi-Fi, high-definition TVs with touch screens, noise-canceling headphones, and a flexible dining menu.
  • Every traveler gets an amenity kit, including two exclusive Colonia products.
  • The A380 Upper Deck even gives access to a boutique hotel-inspired Lobby space.
  • Short-Haul Flights
  • Business Class passengers receive either cold canapés or hot meals, on short-haul flights depending on the flight times.
  • Enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks, including coffee and tea, are also available.
  • Medium and Long Haul Flights
  • You can enjoy a variety of international and Ethiopian dishes On medium and long-haul flights. 
  • There is a dessert selection, cheeses, and coffee or tea.
  • Also, get roasted barley or crackers with complimentary drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, during the flight.
  • Business Class Seats
  • Business Class seats in the Business Studio have a unique design. They provide increased personal space with forward and rear-facing options.
  • Narrow-body planes have Business Seats with a generous recline and ample legroom.
  • On wide-bodied planes, passengers get Business flatbed seats that turn into fully flat beds.
  • You will also get comfy blankets, pillows, back support, adjustable headrests, and cushion firmness!

In-Flight Entertainment

  • Some flights have built-in screens in the seats in front of passengers, so they can enjoy in-flight entertainment.
  • TV
  • Ethiopian Airlines offers TV programs on certain planes to keep passengers entertained during their flight journey.
  • Movies
  • Ethiopian Airlines passengers can enjoy movies on specific long-haul aircraft.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Enjoy in-flight WiFi on all A350 planes.
  • You can buy WiFi vouchers from Ethiopian Airlines customer service, cabin crew, or online, no matter your travel class.
  • The Wi-Fi cost depends on how many megabytes you want:
  • $10 for 100MB or 4,000 miles;
  • $20 for 200MB or 8,000 miles.
  • Note : Prices are as of October 2019.

Food & Drink

  • Ethiopian Airlines offers meals with Ethiopian flavors. The options depend on your ticket type.

Meal Option

  • Ethiopian Airlines Meals are inspired by traditional Ethiopian food, like 'Injera be wot' and 'Teff' bread.
  • Economy passengers get complimentary meals, from snacks to hot dishes.
  • Passengers of 'Cloud Nine' enjoy a variety of meals, along with fruit, cheese, 'Teff' bread, and desserts.
  • You can also enjoy Lasagna, the Ethiopian national dish, on specific Economy Class flight routes.

Special Dietary Requirements

  • Although Ethiopian Airlines doesn't offer set special meals, you can contact the airline to request special dietary needs like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or Kosher meals.

Drinks & Alcohol

  • Enjoy a variety of drinks on your Ethiopian Airlines flight, including soft drinks, beer, and wine.


  • Passengers can check in for Ethiopian Airlines flights either online, or at the airport.

Online Check-in

  • Make sure you check in online between 2 and 36 hours before your flight.
  • It helps you confirm your attendance, choose your seats, and save time at the airport.

Airport Check-in

  • For airport check-in, the counters open three hours before your flight and close 1 hour before.
  • Whether it is a domestic or international flight or which airport you're at. You can do this at the check-in desks or self-service kiosks.

Frequent Flyer Programme

  • Ethiopian Airlines runs a frequent flyer program called ShebaMiles for its regular travelers.
  • The program has three membership tiers: Blue, Silver, and Gold.
  • Gold and Silver ShebaMiles cardholders can also access the Sheba Miles Lounge.

Airline Alliance

  • Ethiopian Airlines is part of the Star Alliance, a global network of top airlines.
  • This means the airline has agreements to cooperate with many other airlines, like
  • Air China
  • Air India
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • SAS
  • Rwandair
  • Oman Air
  • Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines
  • It also works with Malawian Airlines and ASKY Airlines.
  • The Star Alliance started in 1997 with five airlines, including Scandinavian Airlines and United Airlines. Now, it has 26 member airlines, covering over 1,300 destinations, and serving more than 762 million customers annually.

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