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flights to Santa Marta (SMR)

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A few words about Flights to Santa Marta

Hassle-Free Bookings of Flights to Santa Marta

  • Popular as America's Pearl, Santa Marta is a city located on the Caribbean Sea in the Colombian department of Magdalena. It is considered one of the oldest cities on the American continent that was founded by the Spanish Rodrigo De Bastidas. To know its history better, a reservation of flights to Santa Marta is needed.
  • Many cities across the whole world possess different kinds of beaches but none of them offers as beautiful beaches as the cities of Colombia do and the same does Santa Marta city. You can find large and beautiful beaches in Santa Marta that keep attracting thousands of visitors throughout the year.
  • Many reasons can be given for taking flights to Santa Marta frequently. Visitors plan to visit Santa Marta for many grounds such as, to troll the pristine beaches of Tayrona National Park, visit the coffee wonderland of Minca, enjoy scuba diving in Taganga, get ready for the lost city trek, or just unwind in chilled out.

The Best Time to Chill in Santa Marta

  • As the cities in Colombia welcome rainfall frequently and unexpectedly, Visitors need to be wise while booking flights to Santa Marta. The dry season in the city generally remains from June to early September and from December to Mid-April, therefore these months welcome a huge number of visitors to Santa Marta. Also, you will enjoy some great events and festivals that get celebrated during this period.

Top Places Will Make Your Trip Unforgettable

  • Tayrona National Park : This Park is one of the most popular and untouched destinations that is visited by every traveler who visits Santa Marta. Its gorgeous location between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range attracts an enormous number of travelers every year. Catch flights to Santa Marta to admire large undeveloped beaches and incredible landscapes, and get connected with nature. As Tayrona National Park takes only an hour from Santa Marta, visitors can take a bus or any private transportation to get there. The Park also offers many activities such as hiking, tracking, camping, and many more to its visitors.
  • Palomino : For those who want to take a relaxing break from their busy schedule without trying hiking or camping in Tayrona, They can choose Palomino as the best destination outside of Santa Marta. It takes only 45 minutes from Santa Marta to reach this small town, every bus that goes to Tayrona also covers Palomino as both destinations are on the same roots. You just need to take flights to Santa Marta to explore this miniature town.
  • Taganga : This petite town used to be a fishermen's village, but later it got turned into a famous tourist destination. This is also one of the great beach towns situated in a beautiful little gulf between the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. You need just one day to explore the whole Taganga and as it is nearer to Santa Marta, just takes a couple of hours to get there. In town, you can enjoy the public beach area and some waterfront restaurants as well that offer delicious food such as a nice fried fish for lunch, etc. Visitors can have a lot of night fun here as you will get some accommodations to stay in and some nightclubs too.

Fun Activities in Santa Marta

  • Catch flights to Santa Marta to just lost in the water while enjoying scuba diving in Taganga. If you are new to scuba diving, do not worry. You will find some budget-friendly professional trainers who will help you to learn.
  • Just wear sunscreen and get ready to feel some rays on your body and enjoy short boat rides at Playa Blanca.
  • Let's have fun with nature by arranging a beach party at El Rodadero. Take flights to Santa Marta to spend fun time with friends.

Ways to Make Your Arrival Possible

  • The top flights to Santa Marta are LATAM Colombia, Avianca, Viva Air Colombia, and Regional express Americans. And the airport that serves Santa Marta is Simon Bolivar International Airport. The other airports connect Santa Marta to Bogota, Cali, Pereira, Bucaramanga, and many other cities.

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  • Beaches at Santa Marta are waiting to be enjoyed by you and your family. Mark the city as your next vacation destination and let Travelouts arrange Flights to Santa Marta for you.

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