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flights to Quito (UIO)

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A few words about Flights to Quito

A Budget-Friendly Fly by Flights to Quito

  • The capital city of Ecuador, Quito sits in the Andean foothills at an altitude of around 2900m. Tourists generally are not aware of this beautiful city that offers its display of unique attractions, but once visitors visit Quito, they keep it always on top.
  • As the whole city was crowned the first World Heritage Site in the world by UNESCO, it offers more than two dozen historic churches, a vast variety of museums and must-visit places, a developing foodie culture homage, and many more. Reach out to Travelouts and let us arrange flights to Quito to enjoy all of these.

Tourists Convincing Facts about The Capital City 

  • The original name of this city is San Francisco de Quito, later it left with only one word "Quito". Also, it got nicknamed "Florence of America".
  • Recorded in history as Heritage City attracts travelers to admire its beauty. Since the city is rich in historic centers, it was the first World Cultural Heritage City to be named by UNESCO.
  • Book flights to Quito to see the beautiful hummingbird. This bird species is critically endangered because less than 300 hummingbirds are left in the world. They are mostly found in a dark black color but shine green and deep purple when they catch the light.
  • Sitting at approximately 2900m above sea level makes Quito popular as the highest constitutional capital in the world. Because of the great height, the city is free from many diseases such as Malaria.
  • Catch flights to Quito to explore an amazing rose plantation that produces 45 varieties of roses which is why it is one of the top attractions in Quito.

The Best Time for flights to Quito to Take Off

  • The best months to explore the capital of Ecuador are June, July, August, and September. This period is Quito's high season of falls in the South American Winter that makes the weather pleasant and comfortable to experience the magical highlands of the city. Before you miss the correct time to fly, reserve your flights to Quito in advance.

Exploring Top Places will Tell You More about Quito

  • El Panecillo - This gorgeous site sits on the south side of the old town, and comes under one of the top attractions in the city. You will find the home to La Vigen de Quito as the primary landmark. Also, you will get a chance to admire a luminous Madonna statue and some volcanoes. You can admire beauty of the whole Quito at day time. Whenever you take flights to Quito and decide to visit El Panecillo, always visit in the light of the sun.
  • Historic Center - This is a good place to start your trip in Quito. There are stunning colonial buildings, cute cafes, restaurants, and the presidential palace waiting for you. This historic center is included in the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites which is why it is a great attraction for tourists. Get flights to Quito to see the ancient things and know some historic facts.
  • La Floresta - One of the best attractions that will never let you bore because it offers a good number of things to try such as having coffee with your love partner at a charming cafe, having a family dinner in a trendy restaurant, letting your taste be different with delicious street food, and explore some beautiful art galleries. Catch flights to Quito to have some fresh fruits and vegetables, available in farmer's Market that takes place on Fridays.
  • Museo Casa Del Alabado - Explore some pre-Columbian art, religious iconography, and pottery in Museo Casa Del Alabado. Also, you will get a chance to see the historical colonial house in Old Town that holds more than 5000 archaeological pieces. Reserve flights to Quito to know the relationship between each archaeological piece and its ancestors.

Airlines to Get Flights to Quito

  • The main airport in Quito is Maris cal Sucre International Airport, it is newly established, situated in Ecuador, 11 miles to the east of Quito. Many top airlines including United Airlines, Air Canada Rouge, Interjet, Air France, and American Airlines serve this main airport. Many popular cities in the USA, Ecuador, Mexico, and Canada have direct flights to Quito.

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