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flights to Pereira (PEI)

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A few words about Flights to Pereira

Get Flights to Pereira at an Affordable Cost

  • A very stunning city Pereira sits in the foothills of the Andes Mountain range. The area that covers Pereira is known as Coffee Axis as it is rich in the production of coffee. After becoming a part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the city got famous as the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. Today, Pereira is considered the most populated city in the Coffee Axis.
  • Apart from being a coffee city, it is one of the best destinations to explore. Its warm weather makes visiting sites and trying fun activities more delightful and pleasurable. The city offers many attractions such as mountains to climb, nature reserves for wildlife watching, and adventurous activities including camping, hiking, biking, and many more.
  • If you are planning to spend your vacation and are confused to choose a destination, just reach out to Travelouts to get different packages of flights to Pereira and be ready to explore nature and the local coffee plantations in the city. 

Join Pereira in Restful Weather

  • Visiting a place in comfortable weather increases the level of fun and joy. If we talk about catching flights to Pereira in the best months, those can be December to March and June to September. During this period, you will find visiting different attractions and trying various activities become more entertaining.

Must Visit Attractions in Pereira

  • Old Zoologico Matecana : One of the must-visit places, this zoo offers you multiple things to enjoy in one place. Whether you travel with your friends, family, or with your love partner, Old Zoologico Matecana should not be missed from your itinerary list. It is the largest zoo in Latin America and home to more than 800 animals of various species. Take flights to Pereira to explore a veterinary clinic for taking care of zoo animals, a thoughtful botanical garden with beautiful flowers, and two museums on the site first natural science museum and second an anthropological museum.
  • Metropolitan Park Cafe Pereira : If you are boarding flights to Pereira with your kids, your children are going to love this place as it offers many fun activities including a massive water park that gives services 6 days a week, also some lagoons like pools with appealing slides and a large playground with swings and monkey bars. If you are visiting this park with your whole family, there are picnic areas also to spend quality time with loved ones. Fitness aficionados will be excited to know that this park also provides football fields, bike tracks, and walking and jogging routes. While exploring the park, if you want to have something, there are food stalls as well.
  • Cerro Cancels : Searching for a lovely place to relax in Pereira? Just get ready to move Cerro Canceled. This is an amazing public park located in a high area. Because of its elevated location, this park offers breathtaking views to its visitors. You will find travelers in the park not only during the day but also on magical nights when the city shines like stars with sparkling city lights. Soon this park will be a coffee-centered tourist hub and own coffee, food, and craft shops and stalls, do not delay more, get flights to Pereira to make endless memories with your family or friends. 

Must Try Fun Activities in Coffee City

  • Go bike riding to explore Pereira and the attractions offered by it. Exploring a place by bike is the best way as you do not miss even the small things, also get a chance to meet locals. Meeting locals helps to know the culture and wildlife of the city.
  • Catch flights to Pereira to get fresh fruits and vegetables from Plaza Mercado, so there will be no compromise with health even if you are on a trip.
  • Take a challenge and go hiking at Nevados National Park, especially with friends.

Airlines That will Connect You with Pereira

  • Matecana international airport is about 1.3 miles far away from Pereira City and handles approximately 1,900,000 passengers each year. It welcomes both flights domestic as well as international. Top flights to Pereira including Viva Air Colombia, Avianca, Colombia EasyFly, American Airlines, Avior Airlines, LATAM Colombia, and Copa Airlines Colombia connect different cities to Pereira.

Discounted Flights to Pereira at Travelouts

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  • If you have decided to spend some time in this small beach city, Travelouts will help you to choose the best package of flights to Pereira, so you can make your full trip budget-friendly.

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