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flights to Mendoza (MDZ)

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A few words about Flights to Mendoza

  • Grab Affordable Packages of Flights to Mendoza to taste different wines. The city is the biggest producer of wine in the whole of Latin America.
  • The opposite day-night temperature makes travelers book flights to Mendoza. The region of the city enjoys more than 300 days of flawless sunlight with cooling at night. This dynamic nature of weather helps grapes produce rich flavors.
  • In early times, Medoza was populated by the Huarpes tribe. People of this tribe developed a clever and cultivated system of irrigation channels that brought water from the Mendoza River to the arid plains. Reserve flights to Mendoza to praise their efforts to convert the desert into green and fertile land. 
  • Apart from growing wine, Mendoza is also known to produce olives as this is the only place in south America that does the farming of olives.
  • The city got its name after the high or cold mountains of Mendoza. The actual meaning of this word is the son of the mountain dwellers.

Take flights to Mendoza at The Best Time 

  • If you have plans to take flights to Mendoza, make sure you get your tickets confirmed between October to April as this is considered the most suitable time to enter Mendoza. The city gets crowded with visitors in these months thus you must reserve tickets in advance.

Appealing Sites to be Explored

  • Plaza Independencia - Known as the heart of Mendoza, Plaza Independencia is an open outdoor space that allows travelers to hang out at the place during the day. Once you enter the place, you will find yourself surrounded by green lawns, shady trees, benches, and paved walking paths, also you will find the incredible, spacious fountain that presents shows for its visitors. Get flights to Mendoza to chill out in the afternoon. If you get a chance to visit this place on Sunday, you can explore the weekly artisan market that delivers artwork, pottery, knitwear, jewelry, and woodwork created by locals.
  • Wineries in Mendoza - If you are on a trip to Mendoza, it will be incomplete without having tastes in different wines. The best Wineries are found in Maipu village, near the main city. While taking a package of flights to Mendoza, make sure your trip package must include a visit to wineries.
  • General San Martin Park - It is a peaceful park that includes lakes and grassy lawns near the center of Mendoza. This Park offers a zoo, a football stadium, and beautiful sightseeing. Secure flights to Mendoza to enjoy all. 

The Things, Travelers Must Try

  • Catch flights to Mendoza to Explore wineries as this is one of the popular activities among travelers. You can pay a visit by bus and other transports but taking a bike to wineries is a far better way to see the countryside.
  • Notice the mountains, rivers, locals, and their culture in Mendoza on the back of the horse. Also, you can take a ride to explore the base of the Andes and can have a casual ride through the vineyard.
  • Taking fights to Mendoza will give you chance to take part in a popular sport in the Andes, that is paragliding. It will be an amazing experience to see deserts, vineyards, and mountains from such a great height.
  • Explore the vibrant pedestrian street Sarmiento sits just next to the Plaza Independencia. The whole street is filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes, visitors can collect some valuable souvenirs to make the journey memorable.

How to reach Mendoza

  • The Governor Francisco Gabrieli International Airport, also known as El Plumerillo International Airport is located around 5miles away from the center of Mendoza. Many top international airlines including Sky Airline, Argentinas, LATAM Argentina, Andes Lineas Aereas, and Copa Airlines connect Mendoza to different places such as Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Lima, and Panama City.

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