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flights to Manizales (MZL)

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A few words about Flights to Manizales

Catch Reasonable Flights to Manizales

  • Manizales "the Zona Cafetera" beautifully sits in the heart of the coffee-growing region and is one of the prettiest cities that can be found in Colombia. The city is famous as "The City of Open Doors" as the residents of this city are so kind and warm-welcoming that visitors never feel as if they are in a different country.
  • Book flights to Manizales to meet considerate residents and get plenty of things to do here such as get a chance to explore the surrounding area which attracts nature lovers and hikers, uncover a part of nature hardly touched by modern development, and many more.
  • Whether you like to hit the shops or are interested to know the local history, get flights to Manizales as you will get something for everyone. The city also offers many sites to visit including one of the biggest volcanoes Navado Del Ruiz, Manizales Cathedral, Orchid and birds Finca Romelia, etc.

Let Flights to Manizales Land in Warm Weather

  • The weather starts getting comfortable from starting of June to ending of September, so the clearest month of the year in Manizales is July. The city welcomes the maximum number of travelers during these months as the cozy weather makes visiting places, and participating in activities smooth and soft. Visitors explore not only attractions but also get a chance to be a part of various events and festivals that take place in these months. Passengers are required to book flights to Manizales in advance as June to September is the peak period of visitors' arrival.

Visits to Top Sites will Enhance Your Experience

  • Manizales Cathedral - The remarkable Manizales Cathedral possesses the tallest church tower in Colombia and the third tallest in Latin America. Its unique architectural style is enough to attract travelers here and the scenery from the peak of the tower adds a cherry on the cake. Catch flights to Manizales to climb the tower and see the breathtaking view. To head up to the top, you need to go climbing around 400 stairs. 
  • The Chipre Viewpoint - The place from where you can see the real beauty of things. Manizales is popular as the factory of sunsets within Colombia due to the great sunsets seen from the city every day. Visitors can enjoy the Manizales sunset from the Chipre neighborhood. It is part of a town famous for many things such as for giving unclogged views. Take flights to Manizales to find the Chipre filled with travelers on Sundays with their families and friends and vendor selling traditional snacks.
  • San Esteban Cemetery - This is one of the oldest structures which is why it has become the most visited place in Manizales. Its incredible structure gives the feel of a movie set and it has become an iconic place that you will never want to miss. The structure faces Avenue and holds an oval shape. You can either take a guided tour or go on your own and walk through its corridors. Book flights to Manizales and let yourself be carried by wind and stories of this place.

Trying Fun Activities to Go Back in Childhood

  • Catch flights to Manizales and Let your eyes see something creative and impressive designs of modernistic architecture at Torre De El cable.
  • Get ready to back in time without any time machine but by exploring Edificio Gobernacion De Caldas. Here, visitors can know some historical facts as well.
  • Reserve flights to Manizales to find yourself a little closer to nature. Visitors can admire and enjoy the diverse collection of plants and trees at Los Yarumos Ecopark.

How to Get Manizales

  • The main airport is La Nubia Airport which serves the city situated 5.5 miles to the Southeast of downtown in the city. Travelers need to take care of the weather while reserving flights to Manizales because the airport does not offer a trustworthy schedule due to unexpected weather conditions. The airport needs to shut down its services due to fog, rain, and wind. A few airlines are here, Avianca and EasyFly that connect the city with others.

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