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Flights to Jacksonville (JAX)

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Catch Flights to Jacksonville to Explore Beautiful Hidden Sites

One can experience heaven generally after one's death, but, don't worry, you do

not need to die to experience paradise. Yes, Jacksonville is located along the

Atlantic Ocean and is a natural paradise for travel lovers.

Doesn't matter, whether you are traveling with your life partner or family or want

your kids to enjoy different activities, booking flights to Jacksonville offers an all-

in-one package.

Jacksonville is not only famous for its natural sites but also makes itself different

by offering authentic cuisine, a booming craft beer scene, long miles of beaches, an

ample park system, historic neighborhoods, street art scenes, and undefeated


Check Out Top sites to Visit in Jacksonville

1. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens:-

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens sit at the lap of Trout River. The zoo covers

approximately 120 acres. Here you can find a wide collection of animals over 2000

and of plant species over 1000. As it is one of Jacksonville's premier attractions, it

welcomes more than one million visitors annually. Jacksonville is especially

famous for the range of the Jaguar, and for featuring two of the four genera of great

apes. The zoo is actively participating in more than 50 national and international

animal conservation, and more than 95 Species Survival Plans. Catch flights to

Jacksonville to explore this spot.

2. Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens:-

This museum was uncovered in 1961 and is a wonderful memory of Ninah Cumer,

as she endowed her gardens and the collection of her art to the new museum. Even

after years, this garden possesses Ninah's original garden designs and a major part

of her home with its historic furnishing. Because of its engaging history, people

never forget to visit this museum whenever they plan to visit Jacksonville and

around 150000 visitors can be seen here easily. This museum especially covers

European and American paintings and also retains significant holdings of Meissen

porcelain. Book flights to Jacksonville to explore this site.

3. Little Talbot Island State Park

As its location is hidden in its name itself, Little Talbot State Park is on Little

Talbot Island, it is 17 miles northeast of Jacksonville, Road A1A. This park is not

situated on a part of Little Talbot Island but covers the whole 2500-acre island.

This park covers dunes, salt marshes, and maritime forests on the western side of

the island. This park gives chance to get introduced to the wildlife that possesses

river otters, marsh rabbits, bobcats, and a variety of native and migrating birds.

This park does not offer only sites but also offers some adventurous activities

including camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, nature watching, and

surfing, these activities make tourists to visit this park for sure, whenever they

want to do something exciting in Jacksonville. Reserve flights to Jacksonville to

visit this place.

4. Kingsley Plantation

Although you will not find many activities here, this plantation is going to enhance

your knowledge as this is full of historical facts. Kingsley Plantation got its name

after an early owner, Zephaniah Kingsley. It is the site of a former estate in

Jacksonville, located at the northern top of Fort George Inlet. This plantation was

initially 1000 acres, now most of its part is covered by forest and the present

ground area of the park is approximately 60 acres. People grab their flights to

Jacksonville just to catch the beauty of this place.

5. TPC Sawgrass

If you are a golf lover and get back to your home without visiting TPC Sawgrass

during a Jacksonville trip. You are going to miss the cherry from the cake.

TPC Sawgrass is a golf course is located in Ponte Vendra Beach's Sawgrass,

southeast of Jacksonville. This is a 42-year-old golf course established in 1980. It

is divided into two individual courses, the Stadium Course and the Valley Course.

The Stadium Golf Course is famous for its difficulty level while playing Golf.

A must-visit place for sports lovers, especially golf ones.

Many more places and activities can be explored, if you book flights to


Now after knowing about the beautiful and adventurous facts and sites about

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