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Flights to Honolulu (HNL)

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Create delighted moments with your beloved by making your vacation in

Honolulu. It is the capital and largest city of Hawaii that offers sun-soaked beaches

and extravagant resorts for its visitors where they can experience several water

sports such as surfing and snorkeling. Moreover, the popular & history-revealing

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Battleship Missouri Memorial, USS Bowfin

Submarine Museum & Park, Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and Iolani Palace

give history lovers an opportunity to get lost into the city’s past. 

Feel nature by hiking around Manoa Falls and get a helicopter tour to catch the

beauty of the city's mountains, valleys, and historical sites. Enjoy world-

class flights to Honolulu by reserving them at the most economical rates only on

Travelouts. We take care of your every requirement during your air journey with

satisfying flight services. Our budget-friendly deals on flights to Honolulu allow

all budget travelers to visit their desired destination.

Popular Sites to Visit & Activities in Honolulu

1. Visit Resort-Strewn Waikiki Beach to Relish Water Sports

One of the world-famous sites in Honolulu, sandy Waikiki Beach is a place where

you can experience various water sports like surfing, snorkeling, and swimming.

Visit its nearby attractions like Kapiolani for jogging, picnics, and party and Duke

Kahanamoku Lagoon for swimming. Get your flights to Honolulu and explore

this site.

2. Try Hiking on Makapuu Lighthouse Trail to See Impressive Views

Hike on a superheated and arid path surrounded by low-growing kiawe and cactus

to catch the stunning views from the top that will load your eyes with pleasure. The

trail ends at Makapuu Head where offshore islands can be seen that present

wildlife sanctuaries for seabirds. 

3. Visit Pearl Harbor to Know the History of Shady Japanese Attack 

At this National Historic Landmark, you can learn about the infamous 1941's

Japanese attack when about 2,403 individuals were slaughtered and the U.S. was

forced to join WWII. Plan your full day to visit this entire active military base.

Moreover, see a documentary to get the site's complete history. Book your flights

to Honolulu to explore this destination.

4. Visit Royal Iolani Palace to Learn Hawaii’s History

Plunge into Hawaii’s history and royal heritage through the magnificent Iolani

Palace which was built in Italian Renaissance style. It is the only monarchical

palace in North America that was carefully renewed to its former glory. Probe its

first two floors comprising of the living spaces and basement houses the Hawaiian

crown jewels, snapshots, fineries, and adornments.

What Is the Best & Cheapest Time to Visit Honolulu?

Between mid-April to early June & September to mid-December is considered the

perfect time to visit Honolulu as tourists can probe the city well and freely because

most of its attractions are found less crowded during these shoulder seasons. 

Also, they can enjoy various famous festivals that are hosted during these months

in the city. The fare on flights to Honolulu gets reduced due to the fewer crowd

and travelers are available to make their trip to this destination affordable. 

Besides, February and March are also highly recommended and the cheapest

months as the deals on flights to Honolulu are available at the most economical

rates. Visit Travelouts to book flights to Honolulu to make your travel journey

comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable as our suggested airlines are popular

throughout the world and offer world-class flight services. 

Booking flights to Honolulu during the holiday season, between December to

January can be expensive due to the massive crowd. So, consider reserving your air

tickets in advance on Travelouts to reduce the cost of your trip.

What Are the Top Airlines to Book Flights to Honolulu?

The major airport of Honolulu is Honolulu international airport which is located 3

miles northwest of Honolulu’s Central business district. The airport connects the

city to different locations in the world via direct and indirect flights to Honolulu.

There are numerous renowned and major airlines that provide flights to

Honolulu from almost all the famous destinations around the globe. Reserve your

tickets for flights to Honolulu about 60 days before your travel date to get pocket-

friendly flight deals. Besides, choose to fly to the city on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,

and Saturdays as these are the most affordable days to travel with the prominent

airlines which help you to save more on flights.

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