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flights to Guatemala city (GUA)

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A few words about Flights to Guatemala city

Make Fights to Guatemala Budget Friendly at Travelouts

  • "The Land of Maya" Guatemala is a Central American Country located in the south of Mexico and northwest of El Salvador and Honduras. It attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year as it is home to many inactive but a few active volcanoes, breathtaking rainforests, and outstanding ancient Mayan sites.
  • Apart from these, catch flights to Guatemala to explore other attractions such as the National Palace of Culture, the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Spanish colonial buildings, Lake Atitlan and coffee fields and villages.

Facts about the City will Make the Trip Interesting

  • The word Guatemala is taken from the Nahuatl word "Quahtlemallan" which means "Land of many trees". The country justifies its name as it possesses an enormous amount of forest.
  • Take flights to Guatemala to get a glimpse of the deepest (340 meters deep)Lake Atitlan in Central America. This is one of the top attractions in Guatemala.
  • This is also known as the volcano country because it holds more than 30 volcanoes. The more interesting thing is it is also the guardian of the tallest volcano Tajumulco in Central America.
  • Although the mother tongue of this country is Spanish, you will find people speaking other 20 languages too and that makes Guatemala colorful and full of culture. So, a total of 21 lingoes are spoken in this country.
  • Get flights to Guatemala to explore the Maya civilization, one of the most advanced and sophisticated pre-Colombian civilizations.

Let the Weather be Comfortable to Welcome You

  • The most relaxing time to visit Guatemala is from November to April as the dry season runs throughout these months. People find the dry season most comfortable to visit different sites and perform various activities. You must secure flights to Guatemala in advance since the above-mentioned period is the peak to welcome a good number of travelers.

Recommended Places to Visit

  • Atitlan Lake - A visit to Guatemala is incomplete if you miss visiting the deepest lake in Central America. Visitors can spend a week or more sightseeing in small towns and villages near the lake. This lake sits in a volcanic crater around 1540 meters above sea level and is surrounded by volcanoes and hills. You will love to explore some small villages along with this lake that is only obtainable by boat. Reserve flights to Guatemala to get a wonderful experience by visiting the beautiful lake.
  • Tikal Ruins - Although there are many outstanding ruins to visit in Guatemala City Tikal Ruins hold something special that makes it an amazing destination to visit in the city. Situated in the mid of an overgrown rainforest offers a trip to The Tikal Ruins feels like discovering some lost cities. Yes, Tikal Ruins are rich in the history of the Mayan empire; need to catch flights to Guatemala to explore the ancient city, the life of people, temples, and many more things that will take you back in the period.
  • Semuc Champey - Get the most adventurous experience in Semuc Champey you had ever before. Yes, it is an adventure as you have to make some efforts and be a little tough to enjoy Semuc Champey. The site includes a 30 minutes ride over bumpy roads through dense forest, beautiful Turquoise blue pools, a limestone bridge, summing underwater, and many other fun activities. Get flights to Guatemala to explore the nearby caves, and take a hike to the wooden platform, and different limestone pools.
  • Guatemala is an amazing city to experience volcanoes, museums, activities, and historic sites. So, do not hold yourself more, contact Travelouts to arrange flights to Guatemala for you and your family.

Take an Easy Route with Top Airlines

  • The main airport in Guatemala City is La Aurora International Airport. It is served by many top airlines including United Airlines, Aero Mexico, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, Avianca, Delta Airlines, Copa Airlines, and many other domestic and international airlines. Hundreds of cities in Canada, Mexico, and the USA have numerous connecting and direct flights to Guatemala.

Reasonable Packages on Flights to Guatemala

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  • No need to get confused to plan your trip, you just need to contact Travelouts to get the best offers and services on flights to Guatemala. So, get ready with your whole family or friends to hit the wonderful city and have a lot of fun.

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