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flights to Corrientes (CNQ)

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A few words about Flights to Corrientes

Reduce Trip Costs with Cheap Flights to Corrientes

  • Situated on the eastern edge of the Paraná River in Argentina, Corrientes is a small city that offers its visitors a blend of exquisite colonial and modern architecture, many churches, and vast & beautiful trees. It is one of the worth visiting destinations where you will be amazed by lots of unique things & stunning landscapes of the country. 
  • Explore this hidden destination with Travelouts under your budget by booking cheap flights to Corrientes in advance. We make your trip affordable by offering different methods for saving on air tickets. Contact us now and get a personal guide on the ideal flights to Corrientes.

See Must-Visit Attractions in Corrientes

  • Ibera Wetlands : An unexplored area incorporates a number of swamps, marshes, and lagoons that is famous as Ibera Wetlands. Visitors can come here to feel nature deeply with its fascinating wildlife and native flora. Many tourists from across the world catch their flights to Corrientes to see the natural beauty of these blessed Ibera Wetlands by enjoying a boat ride through the wetlands or dawdling among them on horseback.
  • Corrientes Costanera : As the destination is found on the banks of the Parana river, Corrientes Costanera becomes the best spot to have a relaxing time with beloved ones and witness the exquisite view of the sun positioned over the scenic bridge that spans the river. Highly famous among locals for offering great space for morning or evening walks in the mild weather. After landing by flights to Corrientes, you are recommended to visit this site.
  • Explore Beautiful Bella Vista : Bella Vista is widely famous for offering amazing outdoor activities and scenic orange groves. It also offers a “beautiful view” that attracts people from all over the world by organizing wonderful festivals around Carnival. Choose your flights to Corrientes now to fly to this city to visit this site.
  • Have A City Tour & Check Out the Murals: Plenty of different activities, views, parks, and street life will win your heart in the city. There are a lot of things to explore such as colonial architecture, exquisite beaches, a blend of vernacular culture & nature, leafy streets, and local cafes. 
  • You find around 70 elaborate murals in the city that were discovered by an association named Arte Ahora in the 1980s that wanted to end all the social boundaries of elitism in the world of art. You can see the group’s first mural on one side of the bridge that joins Chaco to Corrientes. Come here by catching your flights to Corrientes in order to explore the destination profoundly.
  • Popular Fine Arts Provincial Museum & Cathedral : Harbored in a ravishing 19th-century historical building, the museum represents the finest local art that can be seen in the Corrientes and its region and a temporary exhibition that showcases masterworks by renowned Argentine artists like Benito Quinquela Martin and Fernando Fader. Constructed between 1854 and 1861, it is one of the major attractions of the city that is a spotless white structure that is not much decorated as cathedrals, but it is definitely impressive due to its stark essence. Take your flights to Corrientes to see this place.

What Is the Right Time to Visit Corrientes?

  • May to September is the perfect time to reserve flights to Corrientes at the most reasonable price at Travelouts. These months are ideal to explore this place at ease in the cozy and pleasant weather conditions. During this period, throngs of crowds hit the city due to a number of festivals organized. It raises prices on flights to Corrientes, so consider booking them in advance.

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Top Airlines to Book Flights to Corrientes 

  • Doctor Fernando Piragine Niveyro International Airport is the major airport that serves Corrientes that connects the city to other diverse destinations of the globe including Buenos Aires, Aeroparque, El Palomar, and many more via direct and indirect flights. There are leading national and international airlines such as Aerolineas Argentinas, Fly Bondi, and many others that serve the airport with myriad flights to Corrientes from most of the notable places of the city.

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