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flights to Cartagena (CTG)

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A few words about Flights to Cartagena

Reserve Flights to Cartagena at Cheap Rates on Travelouts

  • Pack your bags to explore one of the colorful cities of Colombia, Cartagena, on this vacation. The ravishing Caribbean city's rich, violent & kaleidoscopic history, pleasant weather, scrumptious food, and vibrant nightlife scene will melt your heart. Take out time to book cheap flights to Cartagena in advance on Travelouts to visit this excellent destination. 

Why Choose Cartagena to Make Vacations?

  • It is also the port city covered by a pirate tenable wall and considered the most significant part of the Spanish conquest by managing the import & export of goods to and from South America. 
  • Cartagena's exquisite colonial architecture of colorful buildings, tranquil & verdant plazas, old churches & convents will amaze you while you stroll through its kaleidoscopic streets. Browse the best deals on flights to Cartagena here to make an affordable trip.

List of the Best Places to Visit in Cartagena 

  • Old City : Spend some time in the old city of Cartagena to explore its historical sites & scenic streets within its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the walled city (La Ciudad Amurallada). Visitors can see colorful colonial architecture, blossoms, artists, and individuals trading trinkets on the streets. Catch flights to Cartagena to visit its top attractions like Torre del Reloj, Plaza Aduana, the lively Plaza Santo Domingo with its Botero statue, and Plaza Bolivar.
  • Mud Bath at El Totumo : Get a different and memorable experience on your trip at El Totumo which is a small volcano having dense bubbling mud in which you can bathe and have fun with your dears. It is one of the top-rated attractions and activities that every tourist must experience. Collect uncountable memories and pictures while floating in this skin-soothing mud. The site attracts a number of travelers from throughout the world who book their flights to Cartagena to experience this. 
  • Castillo De San Felipe De Barajas : know the interesting history of this remarkable fortification, constructed by the Spanish around 1639 which had never been clutched despite countless attempts to attack the metropolis.
  • Many tunnels can be seen here, specifically created for intruders to get small sounds. Take your flights to Cartagena to explore these dark courses that go to the fort’s walls and battlements.
  • Islas Del Rosario : Make a remarkable day trip to this location which is one of the famous and most beautiful islands found in the pristine Caribbean waters, loaded with coral reefs. You will find everything on this land including white sand beaches, a lively atmosphere, or virgin expanses of shoreline. It is the best place for boating, swimming, or snorkeling. Come here by catching your flights to Cartagena with Travelouts.
  • Street Food : Book your street food tour to taste local recipes in the plazas such as cheese-filled arepas, fresh lemonade, exotic fruits, fried snacks including empanadas and buñuelos, queso costeño (local salty cheese), frozen treats, and Tinto sold by the local vendors. Choose the La Mesa tour to taste patacónes, arepas stuffed with eggs, and other seaside dainties. People from across the world grab their flights to Cartagena to satisfy their hunger with the amazing cuisine of the city.

What Is the Highly Recommended Time to Visit Cartagena?

  • Consider reserving flights to Cartagena between December to April as it is the best time to visit the city. Visitors get good condition of weather in the city during these months. The rate of airline tickets may be expensive between these months as the city is hit by a huge crowd so try to confirm your seat on flights to Cartagena in advance on Travelouts to decrease the expenses of your trip. 

What Are Popular Airlines to Book Flights to Cartagena?

  • The major airport of Cartagena is Rafael Nunez International Airport which connects it to diverse locations around the globe via prominent national and international airlines such as American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Air Canada Rouge, Air Panama, Delta Airlines, and many others which provide countless scheduled flights to Cartagena. Due to being the busiest city's airport, it is suggested to all travelers book their flights to Cartagena in advance in order to get cheap deals on air tickets. 

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