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flights to Buenos Aires (BAI)

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A few words about Flights to Buenos Aires

Get Big Savings on Flights to Buenos

The capital of Argentina, Buenos can be defined as "Good Airs or Fair Winds" in Spanish. The location of this city is on the western shore of the Rio de la Plata in South America. Known as the Queen of El Plata, Buenos is the economic, cultural, and political capital of Argentina, and also the gateway of this huge nation.

Nicknamed the Paris of South America, Buenos never sleeps as it is popular for its outstanding nightlife that includes award-winning cocktail bars, big clubs, and underground nightspots catering to every nook. Take flights to Buenos to enjoy all of this and explore amazing places and breathtaking activities.

Some Interesting Points about the City

  • Get flights to Buenos to gain your book knowledge as you will find bookstores everywhere in the city, more than 700 bookstores are set in Buenos City. Its bookstores per capita are the most than any other city in the world.
  • The metro system that connects the presidential palace with Congress in Buenos is the oldest in Latin America and the 13th oldest metro station in the world.
  • 9de Julio street in Buenos connects the north with the south Buenos is the widest street in the world therefore it is difficult for a pedestrian to cross the street at one time. Taking flights to Buenos can help you to know more facts about the city. 
  • You will find uncountable dogs and cats in Buenos. People of this city love to keep dogs and cats as pets. Almost 65% of homes in Buenos are accompanied by a dog and or a cat.

Take Flights to Buenos to Enjoy the Pleasant Weather 

  • Buenos see the maximum number of travelers from March to May and September to November as many people find this period the most pleasant to explore the beauty of the city. You will find the weather generally mild and the temperature average during these months. Passengers are advised to reserve flights to Buenos a bit early as the pleasant weather does not last so long. 

Visits of Top Places Make Trip Memorable

  • Plaza de Mayo - This is one of the oldest buildings and has witnessed many important events in the history of the city. It is a tall building that holds two blocks in itself. Plaza de Maya is the perfect place to begin the trip as it offers many things to enjoy such as natural sightseeing, important landmarks to be explored, and several other attractions too. Catch flights to Buenos to experience Plaza de Mayo with your loved ones.
  • Museo Nacional de Belles Artes - National Museum of Fine Arts is one of the places that earn high praise from visitors. It is located in the Recoleta district and is called the mini Louvre because of its impressive exhibition of Argentine and European artists. This exhibition of fine art is considered the biggest in Argentina. Get flights to Buenos to admire a fine art collection that includes arts from Middle Ages to 20th century.
  • The Costanera - This is an ecological reserve located alongside the river, not a sea when people see the river from distance, it seems that the reserve is near the sea, not the river. Visitors can take walk along the river and enjoy tranquil shores without any crashing waves. Reserve flights to Buenos wisely as you will find the Costanera full of butterflies in a specific period of a year.

Fun Activities Bring Loved Ones Closer

  • Enjoy high-quality meat with a little of their local red wine in different restaurants in Buenos.
  • Take flights to Buenos if you want to know about the first lady of Argentina just by visiting Evita Museum.
  • Try the life and soul of the city tango either with your partner or friends.

Top Airlines Make journey Comfy

  • Buenos is the capital of Argentina which is why it is well connected by airways, railways, and even via roads. As it is well connected to Australia, North America, South America, and Europe via Air, it became the most significant international gateway of Argentina. If we talk about the airport, Ezeiza is the most famous airport in the city. Once your flights to Buenos reach the airport, other destinations from there can be traveled by public buses, roads, and even by train.

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