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A Smooth Flight Experience with Southwest Airlines

Popular as Southwest, Southwest Airlines Co. is not only one of the primary airlines of the United States but also, the largest low-cost carrier in the world. Dallas, Texas performs as the headquarter of Southwest Airlines. The airline offers flights to 121 destinations in the United States and 10 different countries. Southwest Airlines is known for its luxurious services and cheap flight fare, so every budget traveler can afford an effortless flight experience and a good number of in-flight services with Southwest Airlines.

Some of the basic details about Southwest Airlines are:-

CEO- Bob Jordan (Feb 1, 2022, till present)

Founder- Herb Kelleher, Rollin King

Established- March 15, 1967, in San Antonio, Texas, the United States

Subsidiaries- Triple Crown Insurance Co. Ltd, API Terminal, Inc, etc

Hubs- Los Angeles International Airport and more.

Check Out the Baggage Policies

As per Southwest Airlines' guidelines on baggage, passengers are allowed to carry two-piece of checked baggage and one piece of carry-on baggage onboard their flights.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers are permitted to take one item of carry-on baggage per person. This carry-on bag must fit in the given measurement of 10 x 16 x 24 inches (25 x 40 x 60cm). Aside from this, passengers are allowed to carry one personal item with them on the flight, like they can bring a handbag, a laptop, a briefcase, or a small rucksack. This small personal item should not exceed the given dimensions of 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches (46 x 22 x 34 cm).

Note- Do not carry any prohibited items with you in your carry-on as airport security will remove and throw those items away. Prohibited items include sharp objects, illegal substances, and liquids over 100ml, and explosives.

Checked Baggage

Southwest Airlines allow its passengers to carry two items of checked baggage without any extra charge. The checked baggage must follow the measurement of weight of 50lb (22kg) per piece and the overall dimension is 62 inches (157 cm) (L x W x H).

Cabin Classes on Southwest Airlines

Passengers can book any of the two classes Economy Class and Business Class according to their budget and purpose and enjoy their journey with the in-flight services of the selected class.

Note- Southwest Airlines does not offer premium economy currently. Also, there is no First Class available on Southwest Airlines.

Economy Class Facilities- Passengers enjoy free in-flight entertainment, such as movies, sports events, and TV shows. You can choose your seat just after entering the plane as all seating is open seating. A system of open seating helps to avoid rush during check-in or pre-select the seats.

Economy Class Seats- Southwest Airlines is considered one of those airlines that offer the most comfortable economy seats on low-cost carriers. The seats range from 31-33 inch pitch and 17 - 17.8 inches wide with 2 inches recline and adjustable headrests. Southwest Airlines is also known to have larger-than-average seats with relaxing cushion support in the seat.

Business Class- Southwest Airlines offers a booking fare called Business Select. It provides some special amenities to passengers while flying with this airline. Although the seating arrangements are as same as in Economy Class, passengers get priority features in Business Select to make their journey more comfortable.

Business Class Facilities- Business Class ensures priority boarding, perfect for the open seating plan since can choose their favorite seat as they enter the plane first. Because of the open seating arrangement, check-in is also quicker and hassle-free. Adding to this, Business Select passengers receive a complimentary premium drink voucher to enjoy options of alcoholic beverages on the day of travel.

In-Flight Entertainment

Southwest Airlines make your flight journey more interesting by providing in-flight entertainment without any extra charges. So, passengers can sit back and enjoy watching live and on-demand TV, and films, and listen to music on Southwest Airlines flights.

Food and Beverages

Passengers can enjoy free soft drinks, coffee, peanut, and pretzels. You can also ask for alcoholic drinks just by paying a fair amount for those. Also, you can save a little more as Southwest Airlines allows its passengers to bring their food and non-alcoholic drinks onboard.

Note- Alcoholic drinks are not welcome on Southwest Airlines flights. If you are carrying any prohibited drinks with you, those will be removed and thrown away at the security check.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What makes Southwest different from just any airline?

A- Many things make Southwest different from other airlines, like:-

  • Southwest Airlines is a little more flexible than some of the top airlines.
  • It is the only airline in the United States that is also a low-cost carrier.
  • Southwest Airlines focuses on recruiting and retaining diligent employees.
  • It keeps improving flight services and adding something new to airlines' policies.

Q- Why is Southwest so affordable?

A- Yes, Southwest is affordable to almost every passenger. The prime motive of Southwest Airlines is to provide airline services to different budget travelers with low fares. To run a low-cost structure, it works on every flight service very attentively.

Q- What day is Southwest the cheapest?

A- Tuesday is the cheapest day to book a flight on Southwest Airlines. On Tuesdays, you will find sales on cash bookings and redeeming Southwest points. Southwest uses a fare sale calendar on Tuesdays that drop ticket prices on different routes. 

Q- What are the negatives with Southwest Airlines?

A- Although Southwest is a good airline, it has some weak points, like:-

  • No meal services for the First-Class passengers.
  • Often no direct flights are available and have to take connecting flights
  • No fixed seats for passengers.
  • The airline does not operate many international flights.

Q- Can you pick seats on Southwest?

A- They do not assign seats to any passenger. Once you enter the plane, you can choose any available seat according to your comfort.

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