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United Airline, Inc. is a major United States airline headquartered in Chicago. it is the world’s third-largest airline. United operates a large domestic and worldwide route network. United Airlines and United Express operate approximately 4,500 flights a day to 338 airports across 5 continents. united airways offer you business seat which designed for comfort and fantastically contoured -tone leather, a six-way adjustable. when you select United business, you’ll enjoy a great relaxed journey experience from check-in to luggage claim.

Baggage Dimensions and Weights

United Airlines Checked Baggage

The maximum exterior size (length + width + height) of standard checked luggage is 62 inches (158 cm), which includes handles and wheels. The maximum weight for checked bags is based on the class of service.

United Airlines Carry-On Baggage

One full-sized carry-on bag 22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm ( 9 in. x 14 in. x 22 in. ) plus one personal item 22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm ( 9in. x 10 in. x 17 in. )

Class of Service Maximum Weight Per Bag
United Economy 50 lbs {23 Kg}
United Business 70 lbs {32 kg}
United First 70 lbs {32 kg}
United PolarisSM First Class 70 lbs {32 kg}
United Polaris Business Class 70 lbs {32 kg}


Note that the following items are allowed and do not count toward your one bag and one private item limit:

  1. Umbrella or Jacket
  2. Reading Material
  3. Pet carrier (service charges apply)
  4. FAA-approved child restraint seat
  5. Diaper kit
  6. Food or Merchandise Purchased in the Airport
  7. Assistive devices like portable oxygen concentrator, medical devices needed to administer prescription medications, one set of crutches, cane, collapsible wheelchair etc.

United Flights Restricted Items

If you are touring in one of the flights of United Airlines, then you want to know that the following list of items is counted as restricted or prohibited items.

Household Items:

Many household items like insecticides or fuel are corrosive or flammable. so you are not allowed to carry items like spray starch, torch lighters, paint, pesticides, glue, gel fuel, drain cleaners, bleach and other aerosol items, etc.

Matches, Lighters, and E-Cigarettes:

As per the policies of Transportation security administration (TSA), passengers are not allowed to carry torch lighters in carry-on baggage.

Stun Guns:

Stun weapons are completely prohibited from carry-on luggage but you’re permitted to take these inside the checked luggage only if the power source is removed.

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