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Visiting Dubai ? READ THIS FIRST!

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Dubai is a city of wonder and rich people, which keeps its culture with it. Dubai is the most popular city in the United Arab emirate, which is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and the most important thing is it is also the capital of the emirate of Dubai


Many places are known for their archaeologist sites, and Dubai is one of them, many of remnants of ancient mangroves swamp which are dated as 7000 B.C are found in Dubai,

Dubai was also known for its oil because it was a great exporter of oil, it grows 5% of oil economy at that time.

Dubai was also a great exporter of its pearl before 1930’s, also in 1961 a five-ton British flagged vassal found in unusually high winds of Dubai and on next day in early morning an explosion occurred and tore out second class cabinet, captain gave order t abundant the ship but two lifeboats capsized and a second explosion occurred. Cheap Flights to Dubai

Main attractions:-

  Burj Khalifa                                         

There are so many things which are very interesting and are the main attractions of Dubai like the most famous and highest building in this world Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai which is basically a hotel but also a tourist place, it has more them 160 floors to visit and it also has the fastest elevator, it also known for its high-cost service.

Palm Jumeirah

It is an artificial land which is created by Nakheel and is pretty impressive to see and visit

Most of the people do paragliding or parachute jump to see its real beauty from the sky and the most important and amazing thing about it is, it is sounded by sea water so you can live and feel the real nature of Dubai


There are Many More things in Dubai to Visit like: 

dubai flights
Dubai Zoo
travel to dubai
Ski Dubai
dubai flights
Jumeirah Beach






Best Time to Visit Dubai

I am sure after reading so many things you also want to visit Dubai, but be careful because it is known for its hot weather and a high temperature so the best time visit this place is from November to July. 

At this time you can see its real beauty because at this time the sky color turns to blue and there will be the primo beach.

This is also the season when most of the people around the world come to visit, so you can also make new friends.

Now, you must want to visit this place as soon as possible!

Then, here are some of the cheap flight to Dubai.


Flights from U.S.A to Dubai

There are two international airports in Dubai one is Dubai international airport and second is Al Maktoum International Airport on which you can go from any international airport of U.S.A.

There are so many companies around, through which you can go

  • Emirates airlines
  • etihad airways
  • Kuwait Airways
  • air France
  • virgin Atlantic
  • Delta
  • south Arabian
  • United

And many more Book cheap flight to Dubai at the best Price.


Places to stay in Dubai

  • Armani hotel
  • Manzil Downtown Dubai
  • Ibis Al rigga
  • XVA art hotel
  • Sofitel Dubai

There are many more websites through which you can book cheap flights And cheap hotels.

Rules you must know before visiting Dubai

Before going to your place of dreams Dubai always remember these rules, otherwise, you could fall into a big trouble and also ended up being in jail for months.

1) Clothing Behavior:-

In Dubai short clothes like skirts or any relevant cloth are prohibited so think before you pack your clothes, And also your clothes should be as long that they can cover your hands and legs properly.

2) Photography:-

Avoid taking a photograph of any building that looks to be of political and military importance, And also don’t take any photograph of any resident without their permission.

3) Public Behavior:-

Kissing in public is prohibited and you may end up in jail for months.

4) Eating Food:-

Eating, drinking, chewing gum or even smoking is also prohibited after sunset and before sunrise.

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